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Washington Twp. Volunteer Ambulance Corps



Township of Washington Volunteer First Responders Travel for Counter-Terrorism Training


Two members of the Township of Washington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Lieutenant Justin G. Tsai and EMT Gary M. Peters, travelled together to the Nevada National Security Site in June 2018 to participate in a “Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies” Course.
The course was administered by Counter Terrorism Operations Support – Mission Support and Test Services, LLC, a contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy.  Both responders appreciated the excellent quality of instruction from clearly dedicated and caring instructors, as well as the opportunity to enhance their learning through hands-on practice sessions.
Corpsmembers who have recently travelled to partake in counter-terrorism training include:

  1. Lt. Justin G. Tsai, August 2016 – “Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings,” Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
  2. EMT Robert L. Fox, January 2017 – “Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings,” EMRTC
  3. EMT Robert L. Fox, October 2017 - “Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombers,” New Mexico Tech EMRTC.
  4. Dr. (Driver) Nicholas and Mrs. (EMT) Naomi Theisz, November 2017 – “Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings,” EMRTC.
Presently all actively-serving Emergency Medical Technicians are eligible to apply for free-of-charge, to both responder and agency, training at CTOS, Nevada, EMRTC, New Mexico, and the Center for Domestic Preparedness, Anniston, Alabama.
The training is provided all-expenses paid by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as part of its National Domestic Preparedness Consortium.  All travel-training programs are completely optional and done at the responder’s own initiative, there are no requirements for members to apply to such training programs to join or remain part of the Corps.
Training administrators are often extremely flexible in allowing participants to make (and obtain reimbursement for) their own travel plans; thus, allowing participants to combine opportunities for leisure travel with their training.
Want to enjoy the perks of exploring the country while serving your community? Join the WTVAC Today!
As always, the Corps is in need of additional members to help maintain its all-volunteer services.  Any person interested in volunteering their time to the Corps can find our application online at www.wtvac.org or contact us at 201-664-3784.  Additionally, the Corps also has loan-out medical supplies available to residents of the Pascack Valley, anyone in need of free equipment may contact Naomi @ 201-474-5626.  First responders interested in partaking in these training opportunities should refer to www.firstrespondertraining.gov

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