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Washington Twp. Volunteer Ambulance Corps



WTVAC Announces 4 Trainees Complete Initial EMT Course


The Township of Washington Volunteer Ambulance Corps is proud to announce that its four Trainee Emergency Medical Technicians for the Fall 2017 cycle have marked the successful completion of their Initial Training course.

Trainees Taylor-Anne Giblin, Jadyn Hermanns, Ryan Ross, and Gary M. Peters graduated on January 30, 2018 at a ceremony hosted by the Bergen County Emergency Medical Services Training Center.  Several officers and members of the Corps were in attendance to celebrate the four graduates.
Residents of the Township and surrounding municipalities have already seen the four on several occasions as they participated on training shifts, and should expect to see them more often after their state certification exams on February 20th.

The Corps is also pleased to announce two more trainees entering initial EMT training on February 5th for the Spring 2018 cycle.  The Corps wishes the very best of luck to its four graduates and two new trainees.

As always, the Corps is in need of and hoping to welcome more new members.  At the direction of Lieutenant Justin G. Tsai, Lead Recruiter, and Membership Secretary Mary E. Greene, recruiters will be continuing to seek additional volunteers. For any interested parties, the Corps may be reached at 201-664-3784 and applications are available at


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