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Washington Twp. Volunteer Ambulance Corps



WTVAC Installs 2018 Officers & New Members


The Township of Washington Volunteer Ambulance Corps recently installed its 2018 Officers and welcomed four new members during its annual Installation and Awards Dinner held at Seasons on January 5, 2018.

Sworn in by Mayor Peter Calamari (left) to lead the Corps (pictured left to right) this year are Secretary Mary E. Greene, Captain Richard Miras, Treasurer Richard Freyland, Vice President Robert J. Ehlers, Trustee Beatrice Napier, President Eugene M. Greco, Lieutenant Robert S. Rayve, Lieutenant Justin G. Tsai, Trustees Daniel Eberle and Frank Ozment.
(Photo Cred: Ms. Heather)

 Recruits being sworn in by Mayor Calamari (right)
Joining the Corps this year (pictured left to right) are trainees Jadyn Hermanns, Gary M. Peters, Taylor-Anne Giblin, and Ryan Ross who will be graduating initial training end of January. 
(Photo Cred: Tammy Giblin)

Captain Miras also had the pleasure of honoring Treasurer Dick Freyland (pictured left) for his 50th year of service and naming former Mayor and long-time local politician Janet Sobkowicz as an honorary member of the Corps. 
(Photo Cred: Lt. Robert S. Rayve)

Receiving awards for total number of calls from the Corps are: EMT Naomi Theisz (2000 Calls), EMT Daniel Eberle (1500), EMT Christine M. Murphy (1000), President Greco (1000), EMT Robert Grimaldi (1000), EMT Patricia A. Kelly (750), Lt. Rayve (500 + Highest Number Calls 2017), Driver Nick Theisz (400), Lt. Tsai (250 + 2nd Highest 2017), EMT Robert L. Fox (200), EMT Christopher T. Kracke (100), and EMT Christopher Hahn (100).  

Receiving years of service awards from the EMS Council of New Jersey are: life member Lenny Lang (45), ex-President Patrick McGlone (35), V.P. Ehlers (30), EMT Naomi Theisz (in absentia for 25), EMT Patricia A. Kelly (20), EMT Robert Grimaldi (15), Trustee Ozment (5).
One CPR Save for the year was awarded by the Corps to the crew of EMT/Crew Chief Rebecca Davies, EMT/Driver Brian Doherty, and EMT Kracke.

At the direction of Lt. Tsai & Membership Secretary Greene, recruiters from the Corps have been actively seeking new volunteers for the past year.  New members are always welcomed; the Corps may be reached at 201-664-3784 and applications are available at www.wtvac.org


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